Saturday, October 10, 2009


Yesterday I taught a science class for freshmen, I will not mention which High School it was. They were to watch a movie and take notes. Simple. The movie was Africa, The Serengeti. James Earl Jones narrated it. I enjoyed it. I collected the notes at the end of the period and they went on their way.

The beginning described Herbivores and Carnivores. Here are some of the notes I got, with all of the misspellings and punctuation. Enjoy!

  • Hermivares eat plants and do not eat other speices like animals (meat)
  • Carnivores eat harnivores like animals the oppsite of the hermivares. they kill to eat.
  • Herbavaes eat plants but carnivores eat herbibares.
Remember this movie was about Africa. There were LIONs on the movie, but the following student apparently saw a different movie. To the best of my knowledge there are no tigers anywhere NEAR Africa, so I was mildly surprised to see the next one:

  • When an animal is hunted down the male tigar is the first to eat, after that the baby tigars start to feed on them, and when they are down the boltures, and hienas start to feed.
Here are some more about lions. The movie declared that Lions will mate every 25 minutes for three to four days. Day and night, without eating. Some students took more from it than others.

  • Lions mate like every 25 minss.
  • Lions mate 20 mins, 3-4 times a week to get the female pregnant.
  • Lions play with there babies like byiting.
Here are the rest. Enjoy.

  • Any kind of herds can run up to 500 miles
  • Bigger animals CAN [underlined] be pretty dominant.
  • Giraffes dont migrate they feed on organism tha live by their
  • Graiffes do not migrant they stay were they come from.
  • Monkeys feed of eachother
  • Monkeys eat everything they see at the jungle.
  • Lepords kill at least 3 people a year [The movie actually mentioned that the village in question had lost three children to leopards in the last month.]
And finally, my favorite:
  • Rinos mark there teritory with fluids


Grandma L said...

You did say High School????

Cora said...

well at least they saw a movie maybe not the same one you saw, LOL.