Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No Photos

I have been trying to post some pictures, but due to computer issues and apparently Blogger issues, I have not.

This weekend was spent, at least partially, with family. We went down and celebrated a double birthday party with my sister and BIL (that's brother-in-law for those of you who are abbreviationally-disinclined). My sister will be...dare I say it in such a public forum? Hmmm, such a hard decision, but I know she will see it and it may cause some embarrassment (I hope)...oh, o.k., she will be 30 (Wow, isn't that ANCIENT?) years old. Wow!! I know we still have a couple days, Sis, but, Happy Birthday!

As usual, my sister had fun and games planned for her victims guests. I hope to post some of the pictures here...her game involved giving each player an embarrassing handicap, and then giving them a task to complete in a public setting. Some were given the gift of muteness and had their mouths taped shut. Others were deaf and wore ear plugs, or were blind and had to have their eyes covered. Still others were forced to put small rubber balls in their shoes to simulate bad feet. I was the latter and still have bruises in the arches of my feet...thanks Sis! Despite the discomfort, it was a fun game and it showed that I would be a horrible helper to a blind person. Sorry Caleb.

Yesterday (and today), I subbed for a kindergarten teacher. I like kinders, because if something isn't working you can toss it and draw something or tell them a story and they still learn something. You don't need a degree in history to teach kindergärtners!

Well, hopefully my computer issues will mend themselves and Blogger will get its shit together and everyone will see some pictures soon!

until next time!


Cora said...

It was great to see everyone but I do not remember the balls in the shoes being small :0) Hope you get pictures back soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh. And yes... I will... be ancient. Nah. I told Scott compared to some I'm spankin' young and compared to some he's stinkin' old.