Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy Weekend

We went to Seattle to speak with the Bishop from Burundi. He happened to be in town and we thought it might be a chance to impress upon him our sense of urgency. We ended up spending a few hours discussing the adoption and things to expect in country.

Some of the things we learned were that the Bishop is working tirelessly to bring our kids home. (I say ours because we are not the only family with a child in Burundi anymore) However, his wish to help is not always enough. Others are helping, too. There are several ministers and government workers who are working to bring this adoption about. They may not have the same urgency that we do, but things are moving along. The next step is to be able to convince the state department that everything is on the up-and-up.

Other than that, we learned that culture and language differences have been and will continue to be a major barrier. When trying to get the answer to what we thought was a simple question, we ended up having to rephrase and re-word the question several times before we finally found the correct sequence of words to get the answer we wanted. For instance, we wanted to know who was BB's primary care giver. Because the Bishop is in charge of paying for BB's care, his answer was, "I am." It took several times, but finally we arrived at, "Who puts the food in his (BB's) mouth?" We finally got the answer. A young lady who attends a local college. So, one step closer...right?

We ended up staying for dinner and then driving home, where we arrived late.

Yesterday, we had a long slow morning. We ended up going to a local fruit stand. Dagdagan Fruit Stand. They have a delightful stand with a small hay bale maze filled with pumpkins. We bought some gourds and pumpkins and then brought them home to decorate our doorstep...and we my eventually dine on a few of them.
As we drove back toward Yakima to get a few items, we saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile...I just had time to clock one shot as it rocketed past.
And here is Cora as we walk in toward one of the stores we visited yesterday. I ended up buying a new jacket on Saturday. Cora got new shoes and we basically had a good weekend. I hope the rest of the week continues that trend for us and everyone!


Grandma L said...

At last things are looking up after that long stand still. It sounds like you had a good time.

Cora said...

a busy busy and tiring weekend but good. They are never long enough. Hoping the Bishop follows through with more photos and information soon!

sweet momma luv u said...

I was thinking about you guys! I figured you were going to be coming into town to talk with him.
Too bad we never get to connect. Next time give us a call. You are more than welcome to stay here!!