Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Isn't That a Pickle?

Alright, I told you we planned on doing it this weekend. We didn't...but I DID today! I made my first pickles. And, because apparently it's important, they are dill...I think.

Yes, I really LIKE garlic.

I worked a half-day Wapato. If half of a day is two hours, they WOO HOO! That's what I did. Ok, actually, I got paid for a half-day just for showing up at the Substitute Orientation. We watched a couple videos and learned a little about the district.

I learned that there is a "Substitute Institute" in Utah. How sad is that? I am a substitute because I have not found a permanent job, yet. Who wakes up one morning and says "I want to go to the 'Substitute Institute' and become the world's best sub!" Really! Who says that? I like it, but I really want a permanent job...still, SOMEONE thought they needed a school for you something to think about, I guess.

I learned that Wapato pays A LOT for subs...almost $200 a day after you have subbed 30 days at beginning pay...and those days don't have to be consecutive. Then, as I was driving away from there I got a call from Selah Junior High. I have the rest of the week to work! That makes me and the wife very happy! It means I am no longer a loser!!

So, on the way back I stopped and picked up the last few pickling supplies. Some spices and some vinegar. I came home and began the work of cleaning and heating the jars. Then I worked on cleaning and preparing the veggies. And then measuring out the appropriate amounts of water and vinegar and salt...according to the recipes. The lady at the grocery store seemed particularly worried I might not have a recipe. I assured her I did.

By the way, I recommend AGAINST poking you nose ANYwhere near a pot of boiling vinegar. It reminded me why I was never fond of canning when I was a kid. I must have lost a few brain cells and gotten used to the concentrations of boiled vinegar fumes, even with open windows, because when Cora came in she started coughing and wheezing. She came out of the house while I was in the backyard boiling those suckers and hoping they'd seal.

They did! I put a few peppers and garlic cloves in to help flavor them. I hope they turn out, since the recipes I had were a little less than forthcoming on some instructions, while others had what I needed, but were different in other areas...weird. Anyway, they looked pretty right after I poured the vinegar on.

So I have work for the rest of the week! Awesome! It was a good day!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

YUMMY... looks very good..

Cora said...

hope they are good too bad we have to wait so long to try them. Love you!