Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Time Draws Near

The past few days I have left my laptop open. The other day the screen finally cracked. I attempted to mend it. First super glue. Didn't work. Then super glue and some good. Finally, I did what any good redneck would do: I cut up a beer can and took some super glue and used it to mend my computer. I'd have used duct tape, but there isn't enough room.
Then another crack opened. This precluded me closing it.
I have since been using a can of bug spray to make my beloved Toshi to hibernate.

Here is another of the cracks
This morning the battery finally died. I got up and noted that the charging light was still hasn't stopped all day...the end is nigh.

Today we bought some canning supplies, since I harvested these! I want to make some pickles. Cora has promised to help during this first try! I will let you know how it goes.

The power flickered tonight. I lit some candles and just as I picked one up I got searing pain and I swear I heard a sizzle. I burned my thumb on the candle, because the flame was right on the section of glass my thumb touched. Instead of dropping the damned thing I set it down. It took more than a little self control. But, having done so, let out a scream! I now have a lovely blister forming. Yowsa!


Cora said...

sorry about your computer it has been good but it is time for a new one, if we weren't saving for someone else we be at the computer store today.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the pc, guess you'll have to start sneeking Cora's now hmm?

As for the candle.. are you related to mom? Scentsy-- no burns-- just lots of warm wax-- great hand treatment. =)

love sis

Grandma L said...

Go buy some JD Weld. It'll take care of that computer. You're going to make dill's with those cukes I hope. You should of been a farmer.

Anonymous said...

Just shot that old thing and put it out of it's pain. But in a short time now, you'll be so busy running the house after BB, you won't miss that old computer. Then who knows maybe you'll get a China doll too. Did you get around to those beautiful cucumbers? Are they going to be dill or sweet pickles? Either are good. Love mom