Saturday, March 24, 2012

Morning at the Park!

 I don't know when I've had a better model.  My daughter is fun-packed and hard-charging!  She is serious about enjoying life.  That makes me happy.

 We went to the park for awhile and enjoyed ourselves on the equipment.  Later today, Cora and I will be seeing "Hunger Games."  Chloe will be spending some time with a favorite aunt.

It has been a beautiful spring day, cool, but warmer than we've had in awhile.  Clear air, but slight breeze.  Perfect!  Add to that a wonderful family and you can't get better!
Next Friday is a half-day at my school and it leads into Spring Break.  I have been telling my kids that there will be no spring break.  Instead we will be celebrating "Mr. Huffman Appreciation Week."  Especially since Friday is a half day RIGHT ON MY BIRTHDAY!!  How awesome is that?  It's as though they planned it that way!  Then they are giving me a week off!  It HAS to be related to my birthday!!!

And so it is.

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