Thursday, March 1, 2012

First of March!

 So this is what I saw on my drive to work yesterday.  The roads were good, until you mixed in the idiots driving on them.  I stopped, actually stopped, my truck just after the crest of the hill to take the HDR shot above and then drove off, catching up with the other idiots without really applying throttle...just coasted down to catch up with them.  It was so cold that traction was NOT a problem.  Idiots going too slow around corners, on the other hand, was.  They were as close to stopped as you could get and still be moving.  It is so frustrating being the best driver in the world and having to share the roads with nincompoops!

OK, done ranting.

It was a full day.  I was plagued by grade-book issues, my stupid program was not updating the grades with the scores I was entering.  This caused students to go either apoplectic or catatonic.  It finally figured itself out, but not before another teacher screwed with it to help, now I have to figure out how to unfix this.

The majority of my students presented their games.  Some were really very creative, as I expected, others were a pathetic attempt at copying what I had put on the board as an example, also as I expected.  Still, not quite as many went the "easy" route as I thought would.  All-in-all, it was pretty good.  One class, the one I thought would be the most skittish, actually took to the playing of history games quite well.  Go figure.

The snow melted by day's end and we are back on track toward Spring...I think. The Northwest has a habit of throwing snow at us well into May some years.

Today my kids have to take a survey in another room.  Tomorrow, we return to presenting the games that weren't and then play them.  Except for my sixth period class, they have been the most squirrely of all and I expect them to be reading out of the book.  Maybe I can impress upon them the importance of toeing the line when it comes to noise in the classroom.  Also, I think a nice new seating chart will help.  I wonder what other tortures I can come up with...

The weekend is only a day away!  What shall we do?  I'd like to skip town and see a zoo or a museum, but I am certain the pains of being a homeowner and a parent will rise up and snatch me in their gaping maws!

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