Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello Monday, You Jerk.

I don't want to go to work.  Not because there's something I want to avoid or because I hate someone there, simply because I enjoy spending time with my family and would rather extend that fun we call the weekend then end it by going to work and tending someone else's kids.  Also, I'd like to be independently wealthy.  Oh, and I'm lazy, I don't really want to leave the house until I have gotten my allotment of caffeine squeezed into my veins.

We had a good weekend.  It was too short, as usual.  We went to the park on Saturday.  While there I took pictures.  I know, hard to believe I would drag that thing out, huh?  I did manage to make a slightly more complicated photo of multiple Chloes.  Please, tell me what you think.  I hope that next time she will not simply follow the same path as twenty-seven times before.  Oh, well, that's the hazard of shooting 2 year-olds.
 I have a ton more photos to go through.  Of course the majority were taken for this one above.  I got a few cute portraits, too.

 It was Saint Patrick's Day, so, of course we were all wearing green.  We saw her do some things we would not have let her try a few months ago, like climb up the chain ladder by herself...or course, Cora wasn't but a step away the first few times, but Chloe handled it like a pro and made it clear she can do a good many things on her own.
I hope the week cruises by.  I'm looking forward to another weekend with my wonderful family!

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