Friday, February 10, 2012

Truckin', Got My Chips Cashed In

 I took my camera out today.

but, I got stuck teaching for most of the day.  Stupid kids, why can't they just suck up information without me shoving it down their throats?

Funny thing is I was showing a movie, "Modern Marvels" on gasoline.  This morning, during first period, I had a girl come in late, but that wasn't a big deal.  The movie had just started.  I swear she sat there for a full five minutes while the narrator said the word "GASOLINE" about 32 times.  Then she raised her hand.  I walked over.  She said, "Mr. H, what is this movie about?"  It's times like those that you don't know whether to slap your own forehead or the kid.  Obviously, there was no help for this child, and I wanted to let the office know we lost another to abject stupidity.  We don't have a code for that yet, but I'm thinking we should get one.

Well, the day finally ended, and I think I impressed upon one or two of them that petroleum is very important to our daily lives and that the Straight of Hormuz is important for keeping us in oil, and should it ever close, fuel prices will rise accordingly.

So, I got off work, after some work at deciding what I would do on Monday.  (You know, real teachers do this a bit ahead of time, I think)  I had to get milk, since Chloe seems to be drinking us out of milk these days. As I drove to the store, I saw this military truck outside Lowes.  I had the camera, and had yet to use it this week, so I pulled in and did a drive by.  Here are a few edits.  Nothing special, just a little fun with my computer program.
 I think this last one looks like a picture from a 1980s Time magazine article...well, I think it should.
 I picked up Chloe and she was in top form.  We got home just after Cora pulled in and we had a good evening.  At one point, just before bed, she got on her pajamas and THEN put on her COW costume.  I had to take a picture.  Especially when she said, "Cheese."
Our little girl is potty training herself now.  I feel like I am along for the ride most days.  Chloe is a soul with so much life, as if she got extra.  I am forever amazed by this little girl.  She practically glitters, you know, Vampire-like, but better.  She crackles with energy.  She is just SO CHLOE!  I love this little girl.  If you meet her you fall in love with her.  It's inevitable, so you may as well not fight it.

Yeah, she's good.

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Lorrene said...

I'm not into trucks that much, but I sure like that little cow girl.
And what you say about her is so true. To see her is to love her.

Grandma LL