Monday, February 20, 2012

A good Weekend and President's Day.

 I haven't taken pictures of Chloe's cute little feet for awhile, so here is a shot I got the other day.

Chloe, Cora and I went to the park for awhile yesterday and Chloe was extremely happy to be there.
 I spied Cora through the "telescope" on the playground equipment.
 Chloe loved going down the slide.
 This morning Chloe put on her Princess outfit and I helped her accessorize.
 She helped me clean off the table...she was aiming to grab my camera.  I took her portrait instead.
 Then we watched Sesame Street.  She had to have a snack and "POP" and be covered.
So far we've had a good morning!


Lorrene said...

Cute pic's. Especially the princess garb. Cora had to work on Presidents day?? Not fair.

Grandma L

Anonymous said...

Papa and I loved swinging by and getting a chance to spend quality time with both of you. Thanks for the photo of her wearing her Valentine hat. I got to buy all my grands new winter hats for the holiday. Funny there isn't an outfit that doesn't look good on Chloe. I am so happy about that. Gran Voni