Friday, February 17, 2012

My Recent Inactivity

It's been a long week.  We have been busy with Chloe, as usual.  She is a spitfire.  We are having full conversations now.  Seriously!  She uses fewer words than most, but we still know what she is talking about.  For instance, she and I discussed the time when Santa's truck with lights was parked outside the house.  We also remembered how Chloe, Me, and Mommy jumped in the car to go see Santa and how we ran to see him.  He waved at Chloe.  She remembered this, with remarkable accuracy.  ( our town always has Santa drive by the houses and wave at those who will come out into the dark cold night.  We were afraid they might miss our house this last year, so we hunted Santa down.  Good thing we did, since they never did drive by the house, though one of the drivers is our neighbor and he dropped by his house at the end of the night...he parked where Chloe could see out her window.)  She is amazing.

I've been teaching about the Oregon Trail.  This is where I realize that my knowledge of history is limited to more modern eras.  Well, that's not true, I know about the hardships.  Let's just say the amount I truly care is limited to more modern eras.  I like airplanes.  They didn't have airplanes on the Oregon Trail, so I tend to nod off whenever I look into it.  It's just not as exciting as I hoped it might be.  Of course, I will find the next part (Politics and the whole progressivism era) less interesting (honestly, who cares about the Wobblies?).  Still, eventually, we will get to the WWII era, where my favorite thing happened!  Washington State became a war machine.  This state pumped out thousands of bombers and...what the heck was that...hmmm...oh, yeah!  and atomic bomb.  OK, maybe it was a plutonium paste, but still, Tennessee is the only state that can reasonably claim a similar feat!

Next week is "Student Led conferences."  That should be interesting, but at least I have seniors.  If they don't know what they are doing already, then they're in big trouble.  On the down side, I'll be working a split shift...yuck.

Time has not been on my side and I have taken an absolute minimum of pictures...well, more than last week, but less than I'd like.  The house is semi clean and I would love to get away from the house.  Cora, however, seems to have other plans.  She seems to have the strangest idea:  We should take down our exterior Christmas lights.  I know, huh!?  I said the same thing!  "It's NOT EVEN July!"

The weather is warming and I am looking forward to Spring.  The days are getting longer.  Soon we'll be back on Daylight Savings.

The other night Chloe was feeling sick.  I got up with her at 11pm and sat in my chair with her for a long time. At 1AM I awoke and tried to put her back in her crib.  She would have nothing to do with it.  So I gave her a drink of hot milk and let her sit in my chair.  A few minutes later I noticed she was asleep...and NOT in my ARMs!  She was in an awkward position, so I had to take a picture before I changed it for her.  Still, since she was comfortable where she was, after rearranging her I was reluctant to move her back to the crib, so I lay out in the living room until morning with her.

 I took a few photos of other things this week...but not many.

 Twenty-eight wheeler anyone?  Chloe alerts us to the presence of "BIG TRUCKS."
  I get Monday off...I'd love to find a babysitter, though.

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Charissa said...

Nice pics! Love the sleeping one of Chloe. Had to count the wheels on the truck, glad I don't have to pay for tires for that thing.