Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunday at the Park

 Sunday, we went to the park.  Chloe likes the park.  Where else can you feed ducks, play on the playground and run across a wonderful open patch of grass?

 The picture above is my favorite.

 Then we came home and I watched the eclipse...which turned out to be a general darkening of the sky behind the clouds.  So, I played with a long shutter speed and being a ghost.
 I grilled dinner...it turned out pretty good!
 So good, Cora took pictures of it with her camera, too.
 And then Chloe sang to us with her mouth full.

 She has quite the repertoire!

I did get sort of a picture of the eclipse...I might have missed the best opening in the clouds by a matter of seconds as I grabbed the camera, but this kinda shows it...

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jade said...

you have one beautiful daughter (I can almost hear her sing!!) and plenty of pretty pictures!