Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Little Girl

We went to China and brought home a baby.  That baby is growing up faster than we care to admit.  She is a smart, independent, loving, funny little girl now.  She is no longer a baby.  She still seeks comfort in our arms, but I can see that she is growing up.  I understand now, why parents lament their kids growing up.  We just don't get time to appreciate each stage.

Those are big girl panties.  She is pretty much potty trained.  We have night time diapers and for trips to town we use a pull up, and even then she manages to keep that dry most of the time.

As I write this she is playing alone in her room.  It is 8am and her Mommy is sleeping in.  I got up with Chloe and we have had a quiet morning, unless you count her singing a few songs to me exceptionally loud as not quiet.  Ah Po Po, Oh No No (AKA The Cave, by Mumford and Sons) is usually sung at the top of her lungs because she wants to get the best range of her voice.  The ABC song has to be sung out loud or you miss the subtle intonations and structures of that complex ballad.

We re-arranged her room yesterday.  We took out the big girl bed and gave her room to have her toys in her room.  Our reasoning was that her toys being in her room might unclutter our living room which had become a mine field of ever encroaching toys and doll clothes.

She is enjoying playing by herself, and I had to check on her because she was being so quiet.  I could not find Cora's camera, which is quiet, but mine was within reach, so I snapped a couple shots.  This one shows our little girl looking up at the sound of the shutter.  I often wonder to myself, just how we were so lucky to get such a wonderful child.  

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