Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Saturday

 Chloe, Cora, and I decided to stay home today and work on the house.  That's a shame, since there were a couple towns in the valley that were having festivals.  But, we DID get the house cleaned up a bit.  Here you see Chloe getting ready to go to town.  We needed a few things about lunch time, so we went in for a few items and lunch.  Chloe insisted on having two braids.  I guess one isn't enough.

 When we got home it was nap time.  Chloe fell asleep in the car, for like five minutes.  Then she spent an hour and-a-half crying and fussing and being annoyingly difficult to put down for nap.  Her mom suffered more than I.

While she was down to nap, Cora and I turned our attention to a project we've been working on for about 6 years.

WAYYYY back when, we went to have dinner with a friend.  At her house she had a basket hanging above her table.  It was full of corks from wine bottles.  She explained that she was going to make a wreath out of the corks.  We both got this vision in our head of what to do with the wine corks we had.  At the time it was a hand full.  In the summer of 2006, I took a Geography of wine course at the college.  It made us more aware of, and appreciative of wine.

After that we drank more wine.  Especially since we didn't have a kid.  We had a lot of time and extra income to spend on getting drunk appreciating wine. So, since about 2006, we have been saving our corks. Every weekend we added to that.  Then many weeknights, often depending on the stress levels at work.  We have a spot above our cupboards that is not taken up by anything more than a few empty wine bottles.  That space became the place we would loft our corks to.  Earlier this year, I spent an hour up above our kitchen retrieving all those corks.  I placed them in a diaper box and Cora and I discussed what to do with them.  We wanted to use them on some sort of artistic wall hanging, but we could not decide what.

Today, we finally did.
 And we worked and we worked...
 We sorted.  We arranged.  And, finally, we glued.

 It is a record of six years of wine drinking.  It is evidence, also, of of our continued economic improvement. Some of our early wine preferences were decided by our pocket still is, but not nearly so stymied by a lack of funds.

 I think it turned out well!  I will show you the picture when we finally hang the thing up.  For now, though, these will show you what we are attempting.  And, yes, we plan to count them.

Chloe got up, and after her mom dressed her, we went outside and she ran around a bit...all that napping gives a girl energy.  Here are the photos of her going 100 mph!  LOOK!  She's flying!
 Can anyone here match that look of wild abandon?

 That dress has been with us longer than she has!  It looks amazing on her, I think!
 She decided to run away from Daddy at one point.  And she thought it was pretty darned funny.
We finally got her to go to bed and we finished the cork board (words that have never been so self-explanatory).  Now we are about to hit the hay ourselves, but we go to bed with the knowledge that today was a good day.  The effort we spent on making our tiny house habitable was not wasted, and since we spent it together, it was that much better!  So, HAPPY SATURDAY!!!


Lorrene said...

Fantastic blog. Chloe will love you some day for taking all those pictures. It's wine cork research.
That sort of gives drinking a new meaning.

jade said...

I absolutely LOVE the dress on Chloe!
It's a perfect fit!