Sunday, November 15, 2015

Our China Trip

We spent all weekend packing, unpacking, and repacking.  In the end if we lose any'll be a specially engineered chaos and pandemonium.  I don't recall which bag has what now, so opening them again will be a nifty kind of Christmas.

The house is near cleaned.  Everything is near ready.  We have two days left and I know there is still stuff to do, but damned if my befuddled mind can remember what those things are.

A few weeks ago I bought some ginger with the idea of creating teriyaki sauce, which I did, and some sort of Asian dish...which I did not.  I glanced at them yesterday and was pleased to see they had shoots on them.  So today, in a moment of brilliance I like to call nonlinear cleaning, I planted them.  Earlier in the summer I did the same and have had mild success.  It is alive and the leaves smell very gingery.

Whilst in China we will be updating you at a different blog.  You are welcome to follow us there.


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