Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween...and OH! We're travelling soon.

 So, Chloe had a good three-day Halloween this year.  She dressed as a Doctor, a Bride and then, finally, Rainbow Dash a My Little Pony...whose cutie mark I painted on her face for her.

 I also did the other girls' make-up.

 These cousins get along so well!
And in other news, we will be travelling to get Hailey soon.  We are both feeling the squeeze before the trip.  Of course being gone from work seems to be one of the more pressing things for me.  Today, I stayed late and I'm pretty sure I'm ready to leave...apart from the end of the quarter, which is fast approaching.  And I have a test to give...and...well, there's a lot to do for packing and getting ready.

I need to take all my photos off my computer.  I need to decide how much photography stuff I'm going to pack...maybe I should rent a lens for the trip.  We have to get the kindles loaded so Chloe doesn't go stir crazy on the plane.  ...SOOOOOOO MUCH TO DO!

Ok, I'm off to see about a lens.

1 comment:

Grandma L. said...

Cute costumes and makeup. Those kids are lucky to have you around.
I'm counting the days until Hailey arrives. You'll be doing her makeup next year.