Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Weekend Camping Trip in Pictures.

 We went camping with Cora's parents and also did some fishing.  It was a good weekend to get away from the valley.  Chloe spent the night with her grandparents and we followed along the next morning.
 Above is the expression she wore when she saw us (her mom to be more precise) after 24 hours!  She missed us, and we missed her.

 She was showing us her range of emotions for the camera.

 The girl loves berries.

 and she has a pocket full of sea shells...in this case, freshwater clams.

 I did some long exposures and I think they turned out well.

 This is how it was Sunday afternoon.  While the girls were taking a nap, I read.
It was a great weekend, and my father-in-law caught a fish, so it ended well!


Snuze said...

Oh wow ... your shots ... so lovely. And your little girl is all kinds of adorable.

I hope you had a good time.


Lorrene said...

Pictures look good, but the blackberries look gooder. Yum !!!

Anonymous said...

Those are some great pictures! Good job! Which ones did I like best? Too many to choose. Helps to get away from the valley to get fresh opportunities, not to say your other pics are crap just a nice change of pace.

your sid kister