Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Three-Year-Old Party

 Chloe's birthday was not yesterday, but since it's later this week we decided to have it on the weekend.  We had it at the park.  We got our cake from Cakes on the Vine.  The baker/artiste is a friend of mine and she does wonderful work!  What follows is a quick rundown of events and a huge number of pictures.  I have put up only a representative smattering of what I took.

Not everyone was pleased to be there at first.  Here is one of the cousins looking a little tired.
 and another cousin, not quite in the festive spirit...yet.

 My sister and my other niece didn't waste any time enjoying themselves, though.
 And one of the great grandmas came!

 Of course I MUST publish questionable pictures of my favorite sister...
 I showed off my new lens and the awesome angles it can manage.
 then I got down to some serious photography.  A few pictures actually turned out.

 ...AND we have smiles!

 Hot dogs and chips were on the menu with cake and ice cream to follow.

 I like this next one with the sun in her hair.
 Look at these two!  That's how cousins play!

 I cannot get over how grown up my oldest niece is!  She is so pretty!  She was very helpful too!
 This young man usually manages to avoid my camera...usually because by the time I level the lens at him he is disappearing.
 My father is proud of his's a phone that takes pictures.  Stop it Dad!

 I think this next one is one of my all time favorites!


 opening gifts took about a half second for her to get into opening mode.

 My sister got her a stuffed caterpillar and she absolutely loved it!

 Her grandparents got her a talking Elmo...that was something that made Chloe happy, no doubt!

 and here you see a camera!  Chloe now has a camera!  I was shaking with excitement as you can see!

 This particular cousin grabbed a toy microphoone and was singing her ABCs with gusto and great accuracy!

 When it was time for cake I had to put my Precious down.  My sister picked it up and snapped a few.  I give you a few examples.

 I would say, "She is obviously experimenting with the depth of field of my lens." but I have a feeling she was just taking a picture of the cake.
 This last one was another of my sister's shots.  Not bad, huh?
I think it was a fairly simple birthday party, but I think everyone enjoyed it!  I know Chloe did!  She made out like a bandit!  Everyone brought great gifts!  Thanks to all who came!


Lorrene said...

What a fun birthday. With all the red hair, you could have called it "Shades of Red". Fantastic pictures.

Anonymous said...

So many fun pictures!.
I know I took better ones of you than that, you just didn't want anyone to see what a nice smile you have when you gave Emily's friend a hard time.
Yes, I was experimenting with the depth of field. And thank you so much for the chin picture, how can I ever get revenge?..