Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sparks and Rockets and Berries

 We had a great middle of the week Independence Day.  We did a little bicycle riding, picked some of Nana's raspberries, bought some fireworks, lit off said fireworks and had a decent dinner!  It all ended up as a great way to spend the day.  

 A mouth full of berries.

 I tried to make sure I had an appropriate wine on hand.  Turns out I did well!  It's a wine from vineyards out toward Mattawa, Washington.  We also had what is becoming an Independence Day tradition:  Artichokes. And some pork ribs and corn.  Needless to say, we left the table full.  Soon we're going to have to start cooking three artichokes, since Chloe loves them...I think it's the butter she loves.
 And some of the fireworks we had going off in our yard and the sky around us!

 I wanted to be in a shot, so I set it to bulb and jumped in.  I stood really still for about 45 seconds as the fireworks exploded around us.
We had a great Fourth of July!

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