Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Loss of a Beloved Friend

On March 11, 2001, a boy was born.  He was white and liver colored.  He had a brown nose.  He was also a Jack Russell terrier, whom we called a Jack Russell Terror at times.  We got him in May and he preceded to make us form to his needs.  
Energetic and fun.  He was a friend and a kid.
He was responsible for the deaths of many, many rodents, large and small, and at least one bird.
He and Gypsy, whom we got in 2003, were a great pair.  They had many adventures together.

He had a place on his mom's lap at all times, until Chloe came home.
But there were benefits to having a small person in the house.
 He still got to go on vacation.  And we learned that both Chloe and Toby shared an indescribable love of the beach.

He was a good camp dog.  And he learned to get along with Chloe.

Chloe had gotten into the habit of getting up with him on Saturday mornings and she would get him a treat.  He actually liked her.  You could tell.

 Recently, he had slowed down.  He was not well.  Last Sunday he basically stopped eating and drinking...and more worryingly, moving. He was not able to walk more than a few feet and by Monday was not even doing that.  We faced the plane fact that he wasn't going to make it and he appeared to be in pain now.  We said goodbye to our friend and we took him to the vet.  We stood a pathetic weeping bunch and watched as his pain went away.  Ours persisted.

May you run on the fields of Forever, my friend, with light in your eyes and joy in your heart, No rodent will escape you, no bird is too fast.  May the wind cool your fiery spirit and keep the smile on your face.  We love you!


Stephanie Frieze said...

I have a rat terrier the same vintage. He is slowing down, losing his sight and his hearing. I bless each day with him. I believe we will see our fur family again

Lorrene said...

Gypsy must miss him terribly.
I know you miss him a lot.

Jimh. said...

I miss my friend.