Friday, April 17, 2015

Good Golly

life sure gets busy.  Especially with a five-year-old.  Well, now she's five-and-a-half.  We had to do the grown-up thing and sign her up for kindergarten.  I still can't believe we're parents, and now we have to do that grown-up thing and be parents of a school-age child?  This is crazy.  This week we actually went and signed her up for duel-language.  Spanish and English taught concurrently.  It's a great program.  And, if we're being honest, it might be the only thing that gives the teachers a fighting chance with this kid!  She is uber-intelligent and incredibly social.  If we unleashed THAT on a normal kindergarten room, who knows what kind of trouble could happen!

I celebrated my birthday at the end of March.  It was a quiet affair where we found ourselves at an air museum.  I know.  Surprise!  I wish we had more air museums closer.  Instead we have in Yakima.  They try.  The closest things they have to an actual fighter is the canopy from a T-33, and let me tell you: that's a trainer.  Oh, the also have one of the main gear from a B-1.  I don't even know how they got that.  They recently built an addition to house the Yakima Clipper...a glider built in the late 20s by Charlie himself.  It almost beat the world record for time aloft...but then the wind died. and so did hopes for a world record.  So, yeah.  We'll have THAT...but still nothing from WWII.  So, for my aircraft fix I still have to travel to Western Washington.  And for an F-105 I'll have to go to Spokane and HOPE they'll allow me on base to drool at their Thud.  Not even sure they let people on base for that.

Still.  Spring is here and the temperatures are turning up...not that it's much different from February this year...warm temperatures have been a theme lately.  I think the whole "Global Warming" thing might be a fact, no matter what people say.  Still, if we can get enough water this year, it should be a boon for my plants.

Chloe is all girl...she likes princesses and brides and dolls and flowers...and brides.

I guess that's all I have time for today...happy SPRING!!

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