Friday, May 17, 2013

Just Another Day Back Subbing

Coffee is presently making its way into my system.  I am waking up.  I am on my first day back to subbing since March 28.  I did a long term as a music teacher at an elementary.  I really enjoyed it. The people I worked with, and the kids, were all really great.  Now I'm back to the normal scheme of things, but that is still okay with me.

I might have more time to snap a few pictures between where I am and home.  Seems I've taken the camera with me nearly every day lately, but not had the opportunity to unlimber it for use.  There simply hasn't been enough time.  Not that I haven't gotten ANY shots this month.  I'll share a few.

Much has happened lately.  We bought a new vehicle.  We bought a travel trailer.  We still haven't done anything to the master bathroom lately, so it remains a walk in closet.  I really MUST do something about that.  I think this weekend.

Of course, this weekend, we plan on filling the trailer with all that good camper stuff.  I can't wait to try it all out.  Maybe tonight we will finally sleep in it and break it in.  It definitely seems easier to keep clean than the house!  The neat thing is it seems to remain cool most of the day.  It does pick up some morning sun, but there is a tree on the afternoon side and it stays comfortable.  I am looking forward to taking it somewhere fun!

Chloe, whose bedtime stories seem to run from books we've read a hundred times to, lately, retellings of the infamous coin swallowing of '13, has even requested stories about what we might do when we go camping.  She loves the camper, everything is within reach.  Every time she is in the back yard, she tries to get us to let her use the potty in the camper.

Speaking of that child.  She used the phrase, "in the meantime," context.  She regularly uses words that are multi-syllabic and way beyond what you expect three year-olds to use.  I suspect it is because her mom and dad don't hesitate to use big words in front of her, and while they do, they also supply other words that mean the same.  Or, at least, we try.  Sometimes she just picks things up without us throwing them down.  She's wicked smart that way.

Bedtime remains a thorn in our side.  Getting the kid through the routine seems to take so much time.  Time that the sun is using to create beautiful vistas and paint the clouds with that lovely twilight luminescence...still, we have to chase her into our bed, then down the hallway to one of our chairs where she feigns sleeping by snoring loudly.  Then back up the hallway again.  Then we read a story...or three.  Then we tell her a story orally without using a book, usually something about herself.  Lately, she's asked for the story of the Vill.  "The story about the VILL, Daddy!"  It took a few minutes to realize she wanted us to tell her about "Stone Soup."  which is funny because Cora and I have not corroborated our tellings.  I tell the story with three soldiers after a war and supply Russian names.  Cora's has two soldiers and lets Chloe take part by supplying ingredients for the soup.  I looked it up, and yet another telling has a single soldier.

Well, I'm going to need to get ready for work soon.  I'll leave you with a few pictures.

 One morning we got up early because Cora had to go to work early, and rather than sit around and watch another episode of "Little Bear," (one of the most annoying shows we let her watch) we decided to go to the park.  Which is where I got this shot.  It's one of my new favorites.  She looks SO grown up!

 We went to the park and there was a field full of "Daddy-lions."  so we blew dandelions for awhile while Daddy took pictures.

 Chloe got to see one of her Great Grandmothers a couple weeks ago.  There were opportunities for photos, so I took 'em!

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