Sunday, March 24, 2013

Strange Spring

It has been an odd spring this year.  Snow all over the place when we should be seeing flowers.  Fortunately, we haven't gotten any snow here, just the Midwest, the west side of Washington State, the Eastern know.  The temperature last night dipped down to 21!  It was up nearly seventy the other day...if the climate isn't changing just a smidge, then I am a Galapagos Turtle!

We've been remodeling our master's turning into a longer project than initially expected.

Today I should have the last remnant of the shower cleared out and we'll be able to sheetrock and paint.

Spring break is coming.  I imagine I will be busy keeping Chloe entertained AND working in the bathroom.  Should be fun, though.  I might even find some time to get some more photographs of that most adorable of girls.  Unfortunately, Cora will not be able to take any time off, since her work seems set on keeping her hopping!

I look forward to returning from spring break to a long term position teaching music at a local (and my favorite) elementary!  I should be there for a month.

Chloe continues to amuse and amaze.  She is terrifically smart and communicative.  So communicative that there are times when we wonder if she will ever be quiet!

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