Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two Years a Family.

I could wax on poetical, but my eyes might blur for tears.  
The emptiness that was is filled with the past two years.  
That smiling face is always there, sometimes it's crying, too.  
But, Chloe, I will never forget the day that we got you!  
You were so small, you still are really, still you have grown so much.  
You are not that little baby we brought home, though you are the same to touch.  
A father I've been for two years now, but the briefest moment in time.  
There is no way I could ever record these deep feelings in a rhyme.

So, I won't.  I cannot believe the privilege it has been to be a father to someone so undeniably special and unique and powerful.  My daughter changes every day.  She is the world and the universe.  We talk about her even when she's not in the room.  She surprises us every day.  I just can't believe that two years have gone so fast.  It's a heavy feeling, knowing, now, how quickly life flows when there is a small one.  Every day dragged when we were but two.  When we added that third magical person, time began to dilate.  Now it is two years on and I just can't believe the speed.  I want to have it back again, and relive it day by day, without the worries of jobs and illnesses, but to enjoy that time we have.  I'll make sure to hug her a few more times each day, and maybe that will slow time down.  Nights come and nights go.  Some are easy and some are hard.  But every morning I awake knowing there is a small person in the house, whose company I enjoy quite a lot.  Quite frankly, I don't know how we did it before she came to us.  We are a happy family, and in that fact I rejoice.

Here are some pictures from the last two years!!

Asleep as the Thunderbird roar over head.  My girl.

Taken January 16, 2013.  asleep in Mom and Dad's bed.

I love our family.


Andrew Wells said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Guys!

jade said...

same as always: beautiful girl, beautiful family, nice post, love the pictures, even if I've seen several before!

Alyson and Ford said...

Happy Forever Family Day! Always to be remembered, always to cherish. We all tear up remembering the pain and the joy of those China days.
It just keeps getting better!

Alyzabeth's Mommy