Saturday, January 19, 2013


 I've spent the last two days sicker than a dog.  I stayed home from work yesterday and have not moved very far today, either.  Cora and the daughter went to town to do some shopping and get out of the house.  I was allowed to stay here and relax.

I watched a video on RAW photo manipulation the other day and it got me thinking.  I have taken thousands of RAW photos (which are exactly what the sensor saw, jpgs are compressed and much of the data is lost), but I have not done much with them.  I knew I might need them, but wasn't sure how best to use them.  Well, I was doing a little tinkering today and I think I came up with a few winners, where once there were crappy dull photos.  What do you think?  I particularly like the last one.

It has been two years since we were in China, and it doesn't feel like more than a few days.  I remember it so vividly!

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