Sunday, November 25, 2012


We had a great Thanksgiving, if it was a little unplanned.  We had originally planned to go to my parents for Thanksgiving, however, Chloe got sick Tuesday night.  I stayed home with her on Wednesday and she only got worse that night.  So I had a heart to heart with my Sister and we all kind of decided that it would be best if we did not go down and expose everyone to Chloe's cold.

Only problem with having a sick kid, is she gave me her damned sickness.  So I have been wandering around in a cold induced haze.

Cora had gotten a turkey from her work on Wednesday, so we set about cooking it on Thursday morning.  I think it turned out lovely, but she is ever critical of her own cooking.  I think it was great!  We had all the trimmings  and it was great!!

We had planned to have another dinner with my in-laws on Saturday.  THAT went as planned.  Chloe got to have fun with her cousin.  I got to lounge some more.  Everyone was happy.

It has been great having Cora home these past few days, but the weekend is going too fast.  I wish we could start over again.  I just like spending time with my family.  I remember as a kid, I looked for something around the bend, but now I know that we ought to appreciate what we have right now for what it is and what it imparts upon us as a person.  No use wishing for tomorrow, it comes too fast, no matter what.

Given that I have been sick, I have not had much time with my camera.  I have made a few shots worth noting.  I will post them here.

As for my cold or whatever horrible virus it is, it is the kind of thing that puts an itch in the back of your throat that you can't reach with anything.  Unless you cough.  Coughing is a great defense, but it doesn't work on this thing.  I have been sipping whiskey to keep the itch at bay.  If you do cough, it goes away for five minutes, then comes back.

The first is a headless me.  I saw that someone had done something similar on a photo site i visit, and I decided to try it.  I think it worked.

 Chloe and her cousin Leah both seem to like Doc Mcstuffins...well, they are young.
 The rest are shots with my Holga plastic lens.   Cheap lens but a worth some fiddling around.

 I think they got the feeling and mood across!
I really need to get out more.  I really hope you all had a greagivingt


Lorrene said...

Did you lose your head there for a minute? You better watch that.
Love the photos. Take more....

aunt Karen said...

Wow! That is some head-cold you must of coughed your head off!! Wait how can you have a head-cold without a head?