Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun and Fall Photos

Chloe enjoyed Halloween, and somehow we managed to avoid that little sugar high she had last year.

Here are a few panoramic pictures I took the other day.

I wish I could get someone to pay me for this stuff...alas, I end up doing it for fun.


Lorrene said...

I think that little ladybug at the beginning really does justice for all the ladybugs of America. They must be so proud of her.
The pictures are outstanding !!!

jade said...

I still like your pictures and I do miss your updates! Even if I don't comment very often... Hope you are all fine,
kind regards from Belgium

Erika B said...

Such a cute littel ladybug! Love her smile in that second shot. You simply have to smile when you look at that photo. That first panorama is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Erika B