Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Home Again, but Not For Long.

 My sister and her husband got it in their heads that Texas would be a great place to move to to help the Lord...I'm no expert in what the Lord needs for help, I always rather thought he was self-sufficient, but they think it's a fine idea.  I do know that it is more difficult to visit Texas over the weekend than it is the Tricities.  So we have not seen them since last September.  They have come back for only a few weeks and must leave again before the week is over.  So, as a last hurrah of sorts, the whole family, or what could get together on short notice, came together for a dinner to see them off.  These are some of the pictures that were taken while they were here.

 Cora was at the camera on the tripod for the next series...
 First there was Isaac staring and smiling at the un-manned camera, so Cora started taking shots...
 then another brother came on the scene..."You taking pics?  I'm in!"
 And the next, a sister this time.
 "Hey, we taking pics?"
 " Don't forget about me!"
 "Hey, I'm the dad!"
 And hey reached critical mass and began to fission.
 Here you can see the diiference between Cora holding Hailey, and Daddy holding Hailey...see?  It's the smile.  Yeah, and I might be puffed up a bit in the realization that she likes me a bit more...but that's normal pride, right??

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