Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summer Camping

 In no particular order, you see our August trip to Iron Creek Campground.  A wonderful location.  We were able to go see Mount Saint Helens.

 Land of a million steps...

 but the view was worth it.

 It was only a short weekend, but we all enjoyed it and on the last day, Sunday, when we were to come back, we found a nice little beach on the river where Chloe enjoyed wading.

We intended to go camping three other times...but Chloe's ear infection cancelled one and the other two we needed to delete.  It's a pity that summer is so damned short.


Alyson and Ford said...

Beautiful photos (you always take great ones)! Your daughter is growing so much! Such a beauty! Yes, summer is WAY TOO short!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Lorrene said...

When I think of the eruption of Mt Saint Helens, I always think of the man named Harry Truman, who refused to leave.