Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Much Needed Break!

This morning my in-laws called and offered to take the girl for the day.  They went up to visit their other grand daughters and thought C would like to go along.  That left Cora and I some time alone. For awhile we were confused and somewhat panicked.  Un-planned alone time...what do we do????

It was raining.  Well, snaining.  Part snow, part really couldn't decide.  Otherwise we would have totally gone for a hike.  So, we ended up shopping a little and finally going to lunch.  It was good, we just had some appetizers.  Ahi Tuna and some scallops.  It was delicious.

We got home and unloaded our loot, just as we closed the door, the phone rang.  We'd had several glorious hours of talking without interruption and without hearing singing from the back seat.  But it was time to pay the piper.  She arrived about a half-hour later. know what?  I'd missed her.  I always miss her.

Now we are relaxing as a family.  Tomorrow?  Who knows what tomorrow holds for us!  Perhaps a new adventure.  We will just have to see!

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