Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Month in Photography...errr, Mine. That Is, My Photography...

 Yesterday we visited a pumpkin patch and did the usual stuff.  Went through the corn maze, had some apple cider, picked a few pumpkins, and went for a ride on a small home-made train.  It was a pretty good morning. Chloe seemed to enjoy most of it with her usual zest.

 I made a few decent pictures.

 After the pumpkin patch we got a bite to eat and went home.  My parents were nice enough to come up and watch Chloe for part of the evening so Cora and I could go out for dinner together without...interruptions.  It was great to get some time with Cora.
 There have been some...developments with my photography.  Forgive the pun.  I recently picked up a piece of welding glass.  The piece of glass welders put in their mask so they don't blind themselves.  It's also a poor man's neutral density filter...except it isn't so neutral.  Neutral means it doesn't favor one particular color...this one seems to favor green.  What it does do, is slow down the light that gets to the sensor.  So much so that it can take up to a whole minute for enough light to reach the sensor for a decent exposure in broad daylight.  Usually a shot in broad daylight will have a shutter speed of less than 1/500th of a second.  That's a big difference.  It allows movement to blur or subtle changes to become obvious.  Blur is a useful tool in photography.  you can see a couple of my examples.

 Another new item in my repertoire is a flash.  They are also called speedlights or strobes.  This was a gift from Cora for our anniversary.  It's a very special flash.  It can do lots of nifty things.  It can communicate with my camera when it is ON camera, and it helps with focus in low-light situations.  It can synchronize with my shutter speed all the way up to the fastest shutter speed I have.  I can also use it off camera, so it can supplement the lighting in the photo or overpower ambient light.  This will add a new dimension to my photography!!
 The above used the flash in a soft box, which spreads out the light and softens the look to the pictures.  Below you can see how it works off camera and how my camera can command it to flash.

 The last one shows the synchronizing ability.  This was with a shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second, the maximum shutter speed of which my camera is capable.  Usually, the on camera flash only synchronizes UP TO 1/200th of a second, any faster than that and you get part of the frame blackened.  Here you can see Chloe's in-flight progress was halted and the scene is fairly evenly lit.
I would say my photo-capabilities have expanded both directions!  I cannot wait to perfect them!


Lorrene said...

You've come a long way I must say.
My favorite is the old car with the little modern girl peering in the window.

Alyson and Ford said...

Your photography is decent? You are too funny; it is beautiful, amazing and bold. Get thy a shingle and some paying customers! Love the photos in the apple orchard!

Alyzabeth's Mommy