Sunday, April 28, 2013

Well, It's Been Awhile...

Where to begin?  It's been a while.  We have been busy.  Last weekend we bought a new vehicle.  We drove to town with the intent to buy some groceries and came home with a new (to us) car.

It all started when we saw that one of the local camp-trailer dealers was having a show at the local mall parking lot.  We have been discussing what we wanted to do to camp since our tent had issues last time we folded it up.  We have really been leaning toward some sort of RV trailer.  But we didn't have a tow rig.  My truck is a four cylinder and becomes asthmatic with a load, so it was obviously out of the question.  So we stopped in to see what the dealer recommended as a tow rig.

He said we should look for a V8.  About the time we were searching through several examples of trailers with all manner of luxuries, Chloe decided she needed to go pee.  So we left with the intention of returning and dreaming some more.  We went to lunch after she went potty and we discussed that maybe we should look for something that could tow a trailer first before we got the trailer.  Cora said it most aptly: perhaps we are putting the cart before the horse.  I giggled at that.

So we stopped by the Toyota dealership here in town.  I saw a Land Cruiser that looked pretty good.  It had a V8 and I got out to look.  That darned car salesman was crouched behind the fender of s nearby Tacoma, I swear!  I'm fairly certain he came out of nowhere.  He said want to test drive it!?  We said...ok, it was me..."sure!"  So, we all piled out.  We put the child seat in and drove away, after he had to jump start it. Well, he took a copy of my license and got my address and stuff.  Then we drove away.  I accelerated onto the freeway with no thought of whether this might actually be a car we'd buy.  It drove like a dream.

We pulled back in.  We both liked it.  We talked.  We drooled at the machine...okay, it was me again.  We discussed.  We talked.  We got numbers.  Cora's parents called.  She explained.  They were nearby, so they dropped in to offer an opinion.  My father-in-law test drove it.  On the second time driving past Costco, Chloe asked every ear in the car, "How many times are we gonna drive by Costco?  Not again!"  She was particularly entertaining.  My father-in-law parked it.  I could tell he approved.  All the figures came back and our calculations were made and we decided to go ahead and buy it.  So much for milk.

The grandparents bravely offered to take Chloe.  We accepted and they left.  We finished up all the paperwork and Cora drove away in the new vehicle.  I drove the car.  We went to Costco and got the milk we had been intending to purchase.

We took it down and showed my parents the next day.  We were itching to drive it some more, anyway.  HOLY COW!!  Talk about luxury!

So, we managed to get through the week.  Cora's Birthday saw us celebrate.

We had tickets to Sesame Street Live.  I had to get a sub...for me, the sub.  I made good plans and everything went well.  Knocked out my chances of getting long-term sub pay, but whatever.  Seeing how happy Chloe was seeing the Sesame Street Characters was worth all of that.  She got to give the Count a high five.  That made her morning.  We had a load of fun.

We then went to a memorial dinner for Cora's Ex-boss.  He was a neat guy.  His band opened for the Beatles when they were in Liverpool.  He liked photography.  He was a fascinating man.  I'd like to have known him better, but he was a private person.  It was sad, but it was good to know he had such quality friends.

Nana and Papa took Chloe to go fishing and camping with her cousin.  Cora and I had TWO WHOLE nights without interruption.  It was great, but I must admit it was difficult walking by her room and seeing it was empty.  It was hard walking by and not hearing her music going.  As much as I love having time to ourselves, I also love having our daughter with us.

Cora and I made use of the time without daughter, though.  We went RV hunting.  We think we have narrowed it down to what we want.  We also managed to go to dinner and a movie and even drove up on the hill to test out the four-wheel-drive capabilities of our new SUV.  It performed well.

We saw this fellow on the way back down the hill.

Unfortunately, the local plant population tried to kill Cora.  After a nice time, the pollen count overwhelmed Cora.  So we made our way back home.  Then back to town where we got groceries for dinner.  We got steaks and asparagus.  I grilled and it was awesome!!

Chloe came home this morning.  We are pleased to have our girl back.  And before us looms a new week.  With any luck, the end of it will see us with a new trailer.  You see, the guy at the camper place said they expect a trade-in this week and it is what we are looking for.  If they can give it to us for what we are asking we could be ready to camp in record time!  I think THAT would be cool.

Today we built some raised beds for gardens.  We bought cedar fence slats and then cobbled them together to form excellent beds.  I think we will get a load of soil brought in.  It would be cheaper than the bags we normally buy.  We picked up our shower kit, so I will be working on putting our bathroom back together.  We may get a new camper.  Chloe continues to grow and grow up.  I have a beautiful wife.  I think this is going to be an excellent summer!

May all go smooth and well!


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