Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday, Nephew's Birthday.

 We went to my latest nephew's second birthday party today.  I took my camera.  Cora borrowed it for a few shots.  One of which, I was in!

I took pictures of my oldest niece.  Tell me she isn't beautiful.  She's gorgeous and she is smart.
 I took a decent shot of my mom and I hope she changes her Facebook profile photo to this one instead of the one she has now!
 Chloe decided her cousin needed a book and had people read it to her several times.  By the end she was reading to others...word for word.
Would have been a lovely drive if it hadn't been destroyed by the screaming, crying, and whining from the back seat!!


Anonymous said...

Nice picture of mom. Had fun with you guys, thanks for coming down.

Lorrene said...
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Jimh. said...

Well, she really needs to use awesome photos by ME! :)

Lorrene said...

I might have known! ha ha ha